"Don't ever think of this building as the church. YOU are the church. The PEOPLE are the church.

Don't ever forget that. When you say 'I belong to Westhunt Church' somehow that doesn't quite ring true; you should say 'I AM Westhunt Baptist Church' 'cause that's who Westhunt is, it's YOU: the people of this congregation."


-Westhunt founding member

"We are the Church!"


In 1968, a small group of people from Boulevard Baptist Church and the new subdivisions of West End Manor and Huntington Manor began a chapel to minister to the surrounding neighborhood. Bernard H. Grubb, the pastor of Boulevard Church, served as leader of the fledgling congregation.

Soon “Westhunt” was chosen for the name of the chapel, signifying the strong link between the congregation’s identity and the neighborhood to which it serves. Seventeen months later we constituted as a church. The directors of mission for the Dover and Richmond Baptist Associations were the speakers for that organizational meeting.

Westhunt found strength in those early days from strong lay leaders and the support of Dover Association churches. Several factors fueled our growth: expansion of the surrounding neighborhoods, church members inviting others to join the church, a welcoming worship atmosphere, and some who transferred their membership because they were dissatisfied with their church.


We expanded ministries, built buildings, and continued to work through the blessings and challenges of life in a Baptist church. Worship, fellowship, and missions formed the center of our ministry. Some challenges threatened our existence. Sudden shifts in pastoral leadership, financial difficulties, cultural and neighborhood changes, and bouts of congregational disharmony became major bumps in the road.

But we’ve overcome every obstacle and regained a sense of God-given purpose. Today we’re a vibrant multi-cultural, multi-generational congregation that blends tradition and innovation. People of different backgrounds worship together each week. We incorporate technology into worship, church administration, pastoral care, and outreach. Ministries to children, young adults, and seniors have been rejuvenated. Worship, fellowship, and missions continue to be at the center of church life.

People are coming home to Westhunt every week. Some are discovering us for the first time. Others are reuniting with a church they once loved and can love again. Our past has served as the foundation for our present even as our future pulls us forward. Join us and see what it means to build meaningful Christian relationships through acts of love, worship, and service.

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